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She's Nuts

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Why She's Nuts

Each made-to-order jar of She's Nuts nut butters starts with raw, organic nuts/seeds.

We then soak these guys in purified water anywhere from 2-24 hours which activates some pretty important nutrients and breaks down enzymes to make our butters more of a friend to your gut and the digestion process.

Next, the nuts are dehydrated and dry roasted until they actually "pop" when you bite them.

After we mix them with the rest of the goods, this butter has a history of finding itself on spoons, fingers, and (hopefully) your shopping list!

Nutty But Not Crazy

No jar has more ingredients in it than you have fingers on your hands. (barring any woodshop mishaps)

We proudly use: Activated Organic Nuts/Seeds, Avocado Oil, Pink Himalayan Salt, Unrefined Cold-pressed Coconut Oil, Cacao, and Locally Sourced Raw Honey. 

Each flavor is vegetarian and gluten-free friendly, but wait, there's more! We even have vegan options!

Chief Nut Officer

One morning in 2009, I woke up super energized by a dream. In it, I had made cashew butter. I thought, "Oh this is groundbreaking. Surely no one has ever thought of something like that! I'm a GENIUS!" 

HAHAHA, ok so maybe not.

My first attempt was, let's say, a lot of trial and error. When the cashew dust settled, I had FOUR POUNDS of cashew butter to eat. Instead of eating it all myself, it seemed like a no-brainer to gift this dreamy concotion to my loved ones and my husband's chiropractic clients as a little snack after their adjustments.

Fast forward to 2017 after a 2 year hiatus, I decided to dust off my recipe and make a batch and give some to a restauranteur friend of mine.

Actual conversation:

Her: You made this cashew butter?? Like, from scratch??

Me: Yes!

Her: *promptly drags finger in jar*


Her: "What the f*%k are you doing?? You need to sell this!"

And thus, She's Nuts was born...